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Scribe of *fantasy *sci fi  *comedy.

Who is Laurel Burgess?

Laurel Burgess would prefer talking in person than meeting you through this bio. She is a Junior Professional Writing student at Taylor University pursuing writing and developmental editing for speculative fiction. Laurel twice wrote fifty thousand words in a month. She co-wrote an eighty-thousand-word knock-off of Lord of the Rings with her sister at age 12. She frequently fangirls with other readers and writers on Instagram.

She fell in love with fiction because her family read stories to her. When she started writing, she got a lot of praise. Stories that emotionally move her are the J in her PB and J. She hopes her stories drop-kick readers’ hearts (in a good way). Additionally, if a story makes her cry, laugh, and feel inspired, she’ll advertise it forever.

Laurel has eight siblings, which include five adopted from Colombia, one adopted from China, and she is pretty sure the other two were born in Georgia, USA, but she had yet to be alive then, so they could have been born in space for all she knows. During the adoptions, she experienced adventures; she ate lychee Oreos in China, and in Colombia, she watched her siblings having a blast cardboard-sledding down a hill towards cactuses.


Three important things to her are: The Triune God, snacks, cats, entertainment, love, healing, people, and her appreciation yet disregard for math.

Fifty years from now, Laurel would like to host writers’ conferences in a castle. Hers, preferably.






Allow me to introduce myself again, but as friends this time.


Hi! Laurel is my name. Or Yanny (if you know, you know) ;)  I’m a Christian who lives in the midwest in some woods, near corn. I haven’t always lived by corn, it used to be pine trees, but I don’t remember that. 

I was homeschooled and am currently going to Taylor University for a degree in Professional Writing. If you are into personality types, I’m an ENFP which basically means: I’m slightly chaotic. 

Movies, tv shows and books are my hype. In Lord of the Rings, my friends voted me as Pippin. Insulting, I wanted to be Sauron’s eyeball.

Also, my mission is to be an understanding listener who seeks peace, beauty and adventure in every moment.


Revelation 21:4 NIV

‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

I'm so excited you are here! I hope we get to connect.

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