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"Speaking truth in loveliness" Author Interview

Poet Laurel Luehmann talks writing and life

Laurel Luehmann sits in the sunlit woods.
Laurel Luehmann enjoying the sunlit woods.

Ever since we followed each other on Instagram due to our shared names (and discovering the similarities with our faith, love of writing, and similar education experience #homeschoolersunite ), I've loved seeing Laurel Luehmann's writing adventures.

Both her pen and life shine so bright.

* photos snagged off Laurel Jean's website

Our Interview:

Why did you first start writing?

When I first started writing poetry, it was just to process emotions and thoughts that were hard for me to unravel otherwise. I would use (and still use!) poetry to think through and express what I was feeling, and then to hold those emotions up to the light of God’s Word and see what He had to say about them.

Why do you keep writing? What does it mean to you?

Laurel Luehmann posing next to a bridge, smiling.
Laurel L looking fabulous

I keep writing because I just love doing it! I also feel that it’s an opportunity God’s given me to encourage others. I’m still amazed that God can use the words and stories of flawed people like me to speak truth and encouragement into the lives of strangers! It’s just so incredible to watch Him work.

What is the process of writing poetry like? Is it different than writing short stories/novels?

When I’m writing a short story or a novel, I’ll typically set aside a good chunk of time on a regular basis for drafting and editing, but the time I spend writing poetry tends to be more spontaneous, as writing poetry consistently is pretty draining for me. Sometimes I do have to just sit myself down and tell myself to write a poem, though… it just depends on the day and the season of life! All that to say I treat my poetry time with a little more flexibility than I do my other writing time.

What do you hope your writing does for readers?

My prayer for my writing is that those who read it will feel known and not alone in their pain and struggles, and that the words won’t just leave them in that place of brokenness, but point them to truth and God’s heart. “Speaking truth in loveliness” is kind of my tagline!

How do you use your writing in your faith walk?

I often use poetry as a form of prayer and worship. Writing out my thoughts before God really helps me to focus on Him…otherwise my thoughts can be bouncing all over the place! It’s also neat to look back on old poems and see how God has gotten me through difficult circumstances and wrong attitudes and led me so graciously in the midst of my stubborn foolishness. The poems and journal entries are basically a paper trail of God’s faithfulness!

Since you just came out with your second poetry book, what advice would you give your younger self or other aspiring authors?

Don’t be afraid to call yourself an author, but realize that you are so much more than an author. As an aspiring author, it’s so easy to place your identity in your writing as you try to build your platform and develop your writing skills… but God created you to be so much more than a writer! Your stories and words will eventually fade… God and His people will not. Writing is not an end in itself; it’s only another way to worship God and bless others, and I’ve personally found it’s really important to bring my heart and motives to God as I continue to make choices in the way that I spend my time and energy as a friend, a writer, and a child of God. Don’t let writing become an idol!

What are you hoping the writing future holds for you?

Oh, goodness, I have so many ideas! I’d love to keep publishing poetry, and I’m currently working on a dual timeline novel, but I also have dreams of flash fiction collections, devotionals, and MG fiction someday down the road. I’m a very experimental writer, so we’ll see what happens with all of that!

Does living on a farm impact your writing?

Absolutely! I believe that growing up wandering the pasture and watching storms roll in over the fields really influenced the amount of nature and storm imagery I use in my poetry. Also, the mentality of faithfulness and weathering the hard times that’s essential for the farmer has impacted my way of trusting God and communicating that trust through writing.

What is your least favorite thing about farming? (I bet it doesn’t involve potatoes.)

Laurel Luehmann looks outside the tractor in this black and white photo.
Chilling on the farm

Haha, that’s right! I like winter less and less every year… it makes even the everyday tasks of keeping the animals fed and comfortable so difficult. I’m always really happy when the snow melts (even though it means mud!) and things start greening up again, and I’m finally reminded again of how much I really do love farm work.

Any secrets about your current work in progress to spill?

Ooh… the secret is that it’s a secret itself! I wrote a fairly detailed outline, but nope. The story will not be dictated by an outline. Every time I sit down to write, it seems to take yet another unexpected turn! It goes by the pseudonym Project Redemption for now, and every now and then I share a bit about it in my Instagram stories… so keep an eye out there for some secrets as they reveal themselves to me in the writing process. :)

Well, I'm certainly excited for your new projects! Thanks so much Laurel!


Isn't she so cool?? Find her on Instagram and her website where she shares her work. Check out her poetry collections This Will not Last and Clarion Hope on Amazon!

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